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  • Are you mayhaps looking to get a new Window? Stay ahead of trends with a new Velux window.

    Ensure your place receives the recommended daylight ratio with a new Velux window. For instance, these windows can entirely transform the look of your place within seconds. In addition to the fresh air and light every day, you always feel good and energetic at your place. In other words, it is a very natural way to improve the interior environment of your place in this way.

    Do you want a New Roof Velux Window Installation?

    With us at ASL, installing a new Velux window is much easier and faster than other competitors. This is all thanks to our entire team of certified Velux Installers, always refining their skills in order to provide you with the best possible services.

    Maybe you require a Replacement New Velux Window Installation?

    It is withing our core ideals to provide a high standard of quality to any of our works.

    For instance, it is harder to Replace a New Velux window than installing a new one because the old window will have to be dissassembled, removed and disposed off, and this is a challenge. Our team of certified Velux installers love challenges such as these. Therefore we welcome and difficulty with care and passion on every new Velux window replacement installation.

    In addition we offer, all these other wonderfull services!

    If a glass pane breaks we offer a Velux Glass Replacement

    Did your Velux window become too old? We can offer a Velux Glass Roof Window Replacement

    Is your Velux window’s slope not above 15 degrees? We offer a Velux Slope Readjustment

    Maybe your window got a bit dirty or slow? A Velux Maintenance is enough to fix it.

    You can rest assured. With us, it is smooth sailing!

    For your ease and convenience, we also offer Velux Solar Kit Installation and Velux Blind Installations for all windows.

    In other words, these upgrades are gonna make your life so much easier. However beware that these upgrades operate a bit slow for safety reasons.

    We are Velux Certified Installers!

    You won’t have to worry about a thing with our Velux window services. We are Velux Window Certified Installers which proves that our works are of highest quality and safety standards, when installing Velux windows.