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  • High-end detailed floor renovation

    Great architecture is backed up by skilled professional engineers and high-end quality product. And that’s how we successfully deliver only the best quality home décor flooring services to our clients. We cover everything from installing flooring for small spaces to lying complete flooring of your choice to the workplace. No one knows your home space better than you, and thus we welcome our customers for their input when it comes to designing the perfect flooring for their lovely home space.

    Whether you want to add wooden flooring to your living room or you want to renovate your kitchen space with ceramic tiles, we have every durable option available in various sizes to offer only the best quality high-end detailed flooring to your home.

    Cleaning your workspace to perfection!

    When it comes to removing hard and rigid stains from your wooden flooring, you might need the help of expert cleaners to save your spine from all the hard work, right? And that’s why, here, at ALS Construction, we offer best quality floor cleaning services including cleaning of residues of the old flooring and even hard stains that are too rigid to clean by yourself.