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  • Engineered flooring renovation!

    Great architecture is backed up by a skilled team and high-end engineered products. In other words, that’s how we have successfully delivered only the best quality home décor flooring services to our clients. Here at ASL, we cover everything from installing flooring for small spaces to lying complete flooring of your choice to the workplace.

    Making your home beautiful again.

    When it comes to removing hard and rigid stains from your flooring,  ASL has your back.  For instance we only offer the best quality floor cleaning services to your cliends. These include the cleaning of: residues, hard stains, damages done and holes in the floor.

    Above all, customer satisfaction, is our number one priority!

    No one knows your home space better than you, Therefore we welcome our customers for their input when it comes to designing the perfect flooring for their lovely home space.

    We lay anything! Such as Laminate, Ceramic Tiles, Hardwood, Stone Tiles.

    It does not bother us whether you want to add wooden flooring to your living room or you want to renovate your kitchen space with ceramic tiles. In conclusion we have every available expertise and experience to offer only the best quality high-end detailed flooring to your home.