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  • Complete house extension services.

    Naturally, house extensions are mammoth tasks and require quite an undertaking to complete. In addition it takes a lot of time to complete a house extension.

    Don’t worry though. With us at ASL, there is no better place to fulfil your house extension needs.

    A renovation with a long-term benefit.

    A house extension, when properly executed, can serve your needs for years to come, and they are a worthwhile investment, since it can easily improve your living space and additionally increase the property resale value. If you are looking for house extension service, then you are at the right place. After all, no one can provide a better house extension service than us, the folks at ASL Construction.

    Your opinion, matters!

    We at ASL provide bespoke house extension services to our customers according to their needs, so if you have something specific in mind in regards to your house extension, we plan in accordance to that. In other words, turning your dream vision into reality is what keeps us going, and this is precisely what we aim for – to provide our customers with  satisfactory services.

    Above all, Safety is what matters.

    Safety is the most important factor in our line of work and our team always tries to be carefull and abide by Health and Safety standards. Therefore we are always looking out to prevent any accidents that might occur. Especially in the bounds of house extensions, since there are a lot of things that have to be demolished and built.